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Bathroom Safety Updates from Oakley Home Access

One of the most dangerous areas of the home for older adults is in the bathroom. Many factors lead into this data, but research shows that making modifications to your bathroom can greatly reduce the risk of falls. Oakley Home Access specializes in conservative, affordable, and efficient bathroom modifications, and in this month’s blog we…

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Safety and Convenience: Tub Transfer Bench

One of the simplest tools that we offer to greatly increase bath safety is the tub transfer bench. This tool improves access to a tub or shower without making permanent changes to a bathroom while significantly reducing fall risk. One of the most dangerous transfer an individual performs in a day is getting into and out of…

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Back to Basics: Bathroom Safety

In this month’s blog, we wanted to bring it back to the basics. The original reason we created this company four years ago:  BATHROOM SAFETY. While our company now addresses anything and everything regarding home accessibility, we started out with preventing falls in the bathroom with grab bar installation. Of all the household areas that…

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