Patient Lift Systems

Maximizing Mobility inside the home often requires us to find innovative ways to assist our clients with transfers. This can occur from wheelchair, couch, toilet, shower chair, and a myriad of other locations. One of the ways we can do this is with a wide range of lift systems. These systems provide not only safety to the client, but also to the caregiver(s). Low back injuries due to poor ergonomics are a leading injury of caregivers, and they often occur during transfers gone wrong.

  • Portable Lifts

    Many clients find success through the use of portable lifts such as a Hoyer or Sit-to-stand. These motorized or hydraulic lifts allow caregivers to elevate and transfer/transport the client throughout the home, through doorways, and safely lower them onto their desired location.

  • Ceiling Mounted Lifts

    These lifts are great in bedrooms where a client is dependent for transfers from a wheelchair, bed, changing table, or a number of other surfaces. The Motor and sling lower from the ceiling which allows maximum use of space. Lift motors can even traverse laterally for caregivers who are unable to manually assist the client laterally.

  • Overhead Lifts

    These lifts operate the same as a ceiling mounted lift but are portable! They’re great for apartments where renovations cannot be completed and allow the client the flexibility to move the bed around, move into another room, and move to another home altogether knowing their lift can be taken with them easily. The freestanding design can go wall to wall to minimize space taken up in the bedroom.

  • Orbit Lift

    An orbit lift is a unique product that mounts vertically and provides a swing arm to which you mount a lift motor. The benefit of this swing arm is that it provides access to anywhere within an 8’ radius around the center point. The jointed swing arm also allows it to go around corners, directly, into showers, or through doorways.

  • Independent Slings

    This unique system allows users to independently maneuver themselves into a sling, which is normally a two person job. When paired with a horizontal traverse motor, a user can independently don the sling, lift themselves into the air, traverse to their next location, and lower themselves down. Great for the individual who is living Independently but needs help out of bed and into their wheelchair or scooter.

  • Pool Lifts

    A residential pool lift is an amazing way to provide our clients maximized quality of life within their home. Aside from the therapeutic benefits of aqua therapy, many users utilize their pool for leisure. We proudly install the AquaCreek pool lift to help our clients have access to their in ground and above ground pools.