Meet The Oakley Home Access Team


Alex DeNoncour, OTR/L, CAPS, ECHMP

Alex joined the team in late 2018 after completing his Masters of Occupational Therapy at Quinnipiac University. Alex’s daily role is to provide free home safety assessments and educating clients on the options that exist for their home. Alex additionally goes out into the community and educates healthcare professionals and end users on our core values of aging in place, fall prevention, and accessibility.

Dan Lynch, OTR/L

Dan joined the team in 2021 and comes from a home healthcare background. As an occupational therapist he has spent years educating clients on solutions for their home to maximize safety and functionality. Now as an assessor with Oakley Home Access, he offers a wealth of clinical knowledge that fits perfectly within the Oakley Home Access model.

Senior Technicians

Michael Sullivan, ECHMP

Michael is an original member of the Oakley Home Access team, joining in 2017 as an assistant to co-owner Mike Vieira. Mike has been here throughout the development of the company, and as such is a master installer of all of our products. Additionally, Michael has completed courses at the University of Southern California School of Gerontology and earned his designation as an Executive Certified Home Modifications Provider (ECHMP). Michael's history with the company and continued education allow him to flex into an assessors role when needed to provide functional and customized recommendations to our clients.

Domenic Colombo

Domenic joined the Oakley Home Access team in 2018 and is a highly skilled builder and contractor. His experiences as a builder have made him a perfect fit in the Oakley Home Access Team, and led him to be an expert installer of all products offered. Domenic leads his installation team by example, providing top level craftsmanship and customer service. Domenic also serves as our resident concrete expert and completes the required site preparation for our vertical platform lifts.

Chris Vieira

Chris officially joined the team in 2019 but has been an active member of the Oakley Home Access family since its inception. Chris also comes from a long history of carpentry and building. His exceptional skills ensure expert installation of all Oakley Home Access products. Additionally, Chris is our resident woodworking expert, completing unique solutions for ramping, railings, and other custom builds when needed.

Ken McTear

Ken has been with Oakley Home Access since 2020. Ken has shown extreme dedication to the team, becoming an exceptionally proficient installer of Oakley Home Access products in a short period of time. Ken comes from a background in customer service and light carpentry that has transitioned well into the Oakley Home Access Model. His interactions with clients and attention to detail have earned him high praise from our clients.

Associate Technicians

Jared Winpenny

Jared joined the Oakley Home Access team in 2021 and assists our senior technicians with the installation and training of OHA products. Jared has shown his dedication to learning product installation and is an integral part of the OHA team. Many of Jared's responsibilities such as shop organization, van maintenance, and paperwork submission go on behind the scenes. However, they are vital for smooth operation and team success!

Greg Thomas

Greg has been with the Oakley Home Access team since 2021. Greg assists our senior technicians with the installation and training of OHA products. With tremendous customer service and a passion for the Oakley Home Access model, Greg is an integral part of our team’s success. We look forward to seeing Greg continue to develop within our system. Greg additionally comes from a technology background, and we are excited to see how his talents can improve our operations here at Oakley Home Access.

Front Office/Administration

Sydney Erickson

Sydney has been our Office Manager since 2019 and is responsible for the smooth daily operations of Oakley Home Access. A recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island, she is furthering her education and getting her Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration. Sydney’s responsibilities are too long to list but she is involved start to finish in all evaluations and installations. Sydney's organizational and customer relation skills have been paramount to our success.

Caitlyn Ward

Caitlyn joined our team in 2021 to serve as our assistant office manager. Her experience in customer relations has been vital as she takes over more and more responsibility in the office. Caitlyn will often be the initial point of contact when clients reach out to Oakley Home Access. She will assist in getting the appointment scheduled for you and then following up with you throughout the whole process of eval/installation.

Community Outreach

Cheryl Walason

Cheryl joined the Oakley Home Access team in mid 2019 to provide outreach and relationship management in Rhode Island. Cheryl has spent her career in various roles of healthcare outreach throughout the state. Her background and relationships at the Trudeau Center, OSCIL, and as the VA Coordinator at NE Tech has helped Oakley Home Access grow significantly since her start. We are excited to see her continued success in RI and support her initial push for growth into Connecticut.

Norma Marotta

Norma has been with Oakley Home Access since 2020 and took on the task of community outreach in Massachusetts. Her former careers in senior management and strong relationship building have been integral in our success in Massachusetts. Norma is a Certified Senior Advisor, and is working on completing her MS in Management of Elder Services. Despite joining our team amidst the 2020 Pandemic, Norma’s outreach efforts and relationship building have directly led to month over month growth within the state of Massachusetts.