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Stairlifts are a simple, cost effective solution that help our clients age in place by providing access to other levels of the home. Many homes are setup with the bedrooms and bathrooms on a separate level than the main living space. These homes can be made accessible with a one day installation of one of our stairlifts. All stairlifts are low profile and reliable units which can provide peace of mind for our clients for 10+ years. The low profile structure of the lift will ensure that other members of the home and guests can still utilize the stairs without obstruction. Below are a few of the models that we utilize and install out in our communities.

Oakley Home Access

All our stairlifts come with a fully comprehensive one-year warranty. Remember that a stairlift from us is a very reliable piece of equipment, manufactured to the world's highest standards and exceeding the requirements of most of them, ensuring life-long safety, reliability and engineering excellence. After a stairlift installation with Oakley Services, you’ll feel like you’re part of the family.

  • Elan Straight Indoor Stairlift (300lb Capacity)

    Get the most popular American-made straight stair lift. Bruno's Elan is a mix of stylish design, high-quality functionality and ease-of-use operation. With a narrow vertical rail design, the Bruno Elan straight indoor stair lift leaves plenty of open space on the steps for family members. The straight track can be fitted to any length staircase and attached to the stairs (not the walls), which is virtually mess free and takes up very little space.

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  • Elite Straight Indoor Stairlift (400lb Capacity)

    Combine high performance and adjustable comfort with a Bruno Elite straight indoor stair lift. The Elite offers worry-free access and a premium design that seamlessly blends into your home’s environment. Consider options such as power swivel seat and power folding footrest to customize your Elite straight stair lift to match your unique situation. Stepping up to the Elite increases weight capacity to 400lbs. Additional features to help accommodate larger riders includes an optional larger footrest and optional larger seat!

  • Outdoor Merits Aviator Straight Stairlift ( 350lb Capacity)

    The Merits Aviator has all of the features of the indoor units, but has been designed and manufactured for outdoor use. It comes with a durable, waterproof cover for ultimate outdoor protection for your stairlift. A stairlift can be an affordable and space-saving alternative to wheelchair ramps when there are multiple steps to enter the home. Seat post for this stairlift is made of 100% stainless steel and the electrical system uses fully sealed cables, all plastic material is flame retardant and UV resistant: The unit is fully protected from the elements

  • Handicare Freecurve Single Rail Curved Stairlift (275lb Capacity)

    The Handicare Freecurve is a fantastic solution for curved and split level staircases. These stairlifts can fit almost any staircase and are customized to the exact dimensions of your unique staircase. The engineers at Handicare create a one of a kind track to ensure that the usable space of the staircase is maximized for all other members of the home. Whether you have a curved, multiple landing, or a wrap around staircase, we can customize a stairlift to meet your needs. This stairlift has a generous 275lb weight capacity and the single rail design allows this stairlift to work in even the tightest of stairwells!

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  • Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift ( 400lb Capacity)

    Specifically designed to accommodate larger riders this curved stairlift has an unbelievable weight capacity of 400lbs and desired options such as a larger footrest and a wider seat! Enjoy the top-selling curved stair lift in North America. With an artfully handcrafted rail made specifically for your stairs, Bruno’s Elite curved indoor stair lift flows gracefully into every angle and delivers an unmatched smooth ride. With Bruno's signature stair lift, the quality and comfort are second to none. Add power options to further customize your Elite to fit your lifestyle.