Funding - Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Once Oakley Home Access does our home assessment and determines the proper modifications for each individual person, the question we are asked most frequently is, “How can we pay for these modifications?” Thankfully there are several different funding sources for most people to consider if they are not able to pay out of pocket. Home modifications and aging in place are much less expensive alternatives to long-term care facilities and the process of finding funding is something that we can help with also.

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RI Livable Home Modification Grant

State-funded program offering to pay for 50% of up to $8000 worth of Home Modifications and/or home accessibility equipment including ramps and stairlifts. Application found here.

State-Run Medicaid

If an individual receives RI Medicaid benefits they may be eligible for waiver programs funding Stair Lifts & Ramps. We are State approved providers and can check on eligibility and bill the state directly.

See what is/isn't covered by Medicaid Insurance.

Neighborhood Health Plan

If an individual has NHP as primary or secondary insurance and it is managed by Integra, they may be eligible for Stair Lifts & Ramps. Prescription and letter of medical necessity is required by physician. We are providers so can work with NHP for authorization and billing.

See what is/isn't covered by Medicaid Insurance.

Long-Term Care Policy

If an individual carries a LTC policy, they will most likely be aware of it because it is very expensive. It generally covers nursing home residency. Therefore, the insurance companies would much rather pay for home modifications for aging in place versus footing the bill for approximately 100,000 per year for residency at a nursing home. Simple reimbursement process.

National MS Society

Members are often eligible for thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment with a simple application and letter from physician confirming diagnosis.

ALS Association of RI

Members are each eligible for $1,500 towards purchase of stair lift and a wide variety of home care benefits.

Travis Roy Grant

This grant is for accessibility equipment for individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries. Eligibility requirements includes the individual cannot be born with impairment to qualify. Simple application along with contractor proposal and doctor’s note required.

Home Modification Lines of Credit

Individuals with equity in their homes may inquire about using that to fund home improvements. All of our services/equipment would be eligible for this type of loan.

Life Insurance Policy

Individuals who carry life insurance policies that include a “Living Benefit” may sometimes be able to borrow against their award and cover home modifications.

Worker's Compensation

Individuals rehabilitating due to a work-related injury and being covered under an active claim are eligible for home modifications to prevent further injury and create home access.

Infantile Paralysis Association

Individuals with Polio have a funding option which often puts thousands for wheelchair ramps and various adaptive equipment.

AAA, AARP, YMCA, & Veteran’s Discounts Available

Ask for more details.

Ocean State Center for Independent Living

Grant funding available for home modifications and/or assistive technology.  Eligibility requirements include individuals being self-directed and meeting income guidelines. More information can be found on our website , by contacting us at
401-738-1013 or by email 

Boston Chapter of the United Spinal Association

Our Grant Program assists individuals with paraplegia or quad/tetraplegia due to a Spinal Cord Injury or Disorder (SCI/D) who demonstrate a financial need. These grants can help assist with obtaining either Durable Medical Equipment or Vehicle Modifications up to $4,000. Click here to learn more.

Other Disability Organizations

We always encourage health care providers and individuals alike to advocate and contact any disability organization or support group they may be involved with in order to inquire regarding funding for home modifications. Worst that can happen is they say No. If the answer is no, be sure to ask what benefits they DO offer. If the answer is yes, find out how to access funds.


Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) helps individuals with disabilities to live and work independently. MRC is responsible for Vocational Rehabilitation, Community Living, and Disability Determination for federal benefit programs.


MRC Home Modification Loan Program

If you or a household member is disabled or an elder, the Home Modification Loan Program can provide a loan so you can make needed adaptations or modifications to your home. Modifications can help you remain in your home and live more independently.


Massachusetts Statewide Independent Living Council

A Governor appointed Council. Members include persons who are knowledgeable about centers for independent living and the services they provide. The Council includes representation of individuals with a range of physical and mental disabilities from the various geographic areas within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Boston Chapter of the United Spinal Association

Our Grant Program assists individuals with paraplegia or quad/tetraplegia due to a Spinal Cord Injury or Disorder (SCI/D) who demonstrate a financial need. These grants can help assist with obtaining either Durable Medical Equipment or Vehicle Modifications up to $4,000. Click here to learn more.

Aging Services Access Points (Elder Services) in MA

Connect with home care services at Aging Service Access Points local to your communities. Serving all of Massachusetts.


Jeff Coombs Fund

 The Jeffrey Coombs Memorial Foundation website. The Jeff Coombs Foundation was formed to assist Massachusetts families who are in financial need because of a death, illness or other situation that challenges the family budget. It also provides emotional support to families by funding special outings and fun events. Committed to education, the foundation helps fund enrichment programs in the Abington Schools, and awards scholarships to graduating college-bound seniors and students in private high schools.


Your town, city, or county will have its own local resources for funding home modifications. Contact your town/city Council on Aging, Elder Services, Housing Department, Commission on Disabilities, and Veterans' Liaison.
Advocacy Organizations for specific diagnoses or conditions are also a source of information about options for funding home modifications.

National Funding Resources

There are many resources available that could help fund in home modifications. Please be sure to check with your individual policies or organizations as they pertain to your particular situation. Opportunities include: