Safety and Convenience: Tub Transfer Bench

One of the simplest tools that we offer to greatly increase bath safety is the tub transfer bench. This tool improves access to a tub or shower without making permanent changes to a bathroom while significantly reducing fall risk. One of the most dangerous transfer an individual performs in a day is getting into and out of the bathtub/shower. A tub transfer bench eliminates the need for an individual to step up and over the tub wall. Individuals who are unable to or have difficulty climbing up over the tub wall can continue to bathe with ease in the place they feel most comfortable.

A tub transfer bench can be used permanently for aging individuals looking to age in place or can be used temporarily, as individuals recover from injuries or illnesses. Often times a younger individual utilizing a tub bench can “graduate” to a standard shower chair as mobility improves. The bench can also provide a rest for an individual during bathing if there are endurance concerns. This can add to the comfort and convenience of the shower or bath when supplemented with a mobile shower head. By removing safety concerns, the user can be more relaxed.

As always in our business, each situation is unique, so individual needs are always assessed during our free home safety assessment. We look at the entire picture and determine the optimal bench based on the size of the shower stall and height of the tub. We always inquire about any mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs that may be utilized in the bathroom in order to best demonstrate utilization of the bench. In some cases, based on the individual’s needs, more advanced tub transfer benches are recommended which include padded seat, arm rests, along with a swivel and sliding feature, as shown below.

We are confident that we are the only construction company that will walk into a bathroom and offer a tub transfer bench as an alternative to an expensive remodel. We find conservative measures can often go a long way in creating safe access and reducing falls without invasive remodeling.

Of course, we always provide complete training after assembly and set-up. Here are some tips we always mention during training:

1.When using a tub transfer bench, users should sit down slowly, waiting for the bench to touch the back of the legs before sitting.

2. Shift as far back on the bench as possible while both legs are still out of the tub.

3. Lift one leg over the side of the tub, followed by the other.

4. Once seated all the way in the tub, you are ready to shower.

5. To get out of the tub, simply reverse the process. To further prevent falls, dry off completely before exiting the tub.

6. Grab Bars, mobile shower heads, and curved mounted curtain rods with polyester liners are recommended with the use of Tub Transfer Benches to further increase overall access and safety.

We are dedicated to creating environments where everyone can feel safe and secure. For your free home safety assessment, please visit Oakley Home Access or call 401-429-3882 to get started.