Stiltz - Residential Elevators

Stiltz elevators provide a minimally invasive and elegant solution for our clients who are interested in the ease and peace of mind that a residential elevator provides. Due to its shaft-less design, this system can be added to a home for a fraction of the price of a traditional elevator and in a much shorter timespan. The Duo Alta and Trio Alta are fantastic options to provide barrier free access to all levels of your home.

Duo Alta

The Duo Alta provides the smallest footprint in the Stiltz line of products. This unit is ideal for one user and their assistive device, such as a cane or walker. Due to its small footprint, it is great for concealment inside closet spaces and smaller garages.

Trio Alta

The Trio Alta is a larger option by Stiltz that is ideal for users who are currently or may be utilizing a wheelchair in the near future. It’s larger cab ensures that a wheelchair user and a caregiver can comfortably ride together. In addition, the Trio Alta has the ability to navigate between three floors for users who may want access to all levels of the home.