The Showroom At Oakley Home Access

When the Oakley Home Access team conceptualized our Showroom, we knew we wanted it to be a welcoming place. A place where seniors, those with special needs, and caregivers could come and both learn about the services and products we offer and try them out to increase their comfort and confidence in using them in the home.

Our showroom has made a difference for our clients and we would love to make a difference for you, as well. If you and your loved ones have not yet stopped in, we invite you to visit our showroom and check out the equipment which may be beneficial for you at home.

Our showroom is located at 322 South Pier Road in Narragansett, Rhode Island, and features most of the equipment that we offer to maximize mobility and age in place. Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. We’d love to have you stop in and view and try the following products.

Tub cut, tub transfer bench and grab bars are shown in the Oakley Home Access Showroom

Bathroom Modifications

In our showroom we have a model shower which features many of the pieces of equipment we commonly install in our client’s homes. Such equipment includes a variety of grab bars, curved shower rods, mobile shower heads, and bathing seats (chairs, stools, and benches). We additionally have a unique product known as a “Tub Cut” which reduces the total height of the tub wall, creating a more manageable step for clients who have difficulty with stepping into the shower. The model shower is a fantastic tool to simulate use of the adaptive equipment, as well as to help measure appropriate heights and locations for specific clients.

Mobility, Adaptive, and Accessibility Equipment

Vertical Platform Lift– For those with mobility issues that require the use of a wheelchair, the installation of a vertical platform lift can mean accessibility to otherwise inaccessible homes. These types of lifts are usually installed outside or in a garage. Clients can try the device and see how easy it is to use and how much it can improve mobility.

Stairlifts- If you or a loved one have difficulty getting up and down the stairs, a stairlift can be the solution. A stairlift  can increase safety and accessibility while facilitating aging in place. We can show you how to use one and also explain how a stairlift is installed.

Aluminum Modular Ramp Systems- Aluminum ramps are modular and customizable to virtually any situation and they are easily removable and can be moved from home to home. Aluminum ramps are safer in rainy or snowy conditions and have a textured surface that will help wheelchair users and caregivers. Visitors can learn more and see how the ramps fit together and their benefits.

Vertical platform lift and aluminum modular ramp are on display in the Oakley Home Access showroom.

Overhead Ceiling Lifts – Ceiling lifts are an integral piece of equipment for clients who have higher dependency needs with transfers. In our showroom we display a freestanding ceiling lift as well as portable hoyer lifts. The showroom not only allows clients to come and become acquainted with the equipment, but also allows us to provide training sessions to caregivers. Ceiling lifts must be used safely and one of our licensed occupational therapists on staff can guide you through all of the proper steps for use.


Stiltz Home Lift – While not currently on display, we are excited to announce that we will have a display model Stiltz Home Lift in our showroom. We hope to have this project completed within the next several weeks and will release a formal announcement when complete!

Additionally we have on display a myriad of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) which we recommend daily to our clients. We take a lot of pride in knowing the latest products available and adding them to our repertoire.

Resource Board

Oakley Home Access is a small and local business that takes pride in working with other local partners. We truly believe that we are only one piece of the “Healthcare Puzzle” and love to have resources for our clients which cover a wide range of needs. Our local resource board includes trusted partners in the community to ensure our clients are taken care of by reputable professionals.


Funding and Grant Information

In addition to learning about the equipment, we are here to educate and discuss possible grants and other funding options to help with affording these home modifications. Our team is dedicated in guiding you through all steps of the process, from understanding grant paperwork, to searching our alternative funding sources.

We invite you to come for a visit and see how Oakley Home Access can help you meet your Aging In Place and home Modification goals. Our office staff are highly knowledgeable to guide you through the visit. You may also make a scheduled appointment so that we can ensure one of our assessors is present to give you a more in depth understanding of the products.