The Benefits of Stair Lifts

At Oakley Home Access, our focus is on maximizing mobility for those whose goal is to age in place. Oakley Home Access is unique when compared to other home modification companies as we take a holistic approach and look at the entire picture when we do a home assessment. We take into consideration the mobility level of the user, if there are other mobility devices in use, how much help the user will have, and assess what other safety equipment might be of benefit in the home. With their respective backgrounds as an occupational therapist and as a contractor, Justin Oakey and Michael Vieira combine their experiences and education to deliver just what is needed for maximum safety and mobility.

In this article, our focus is on the benefits of stair lifts. One of the common problems that arise as we age is that climbing stairs can be a challenge. From arthritis to balance impairments, a number of health issues can make it difficult in a home where there are stairs. The good news is that there is an easy solution (that takes less than a day to install) A stairlift is the perfect option for people who are otherwise mobile, but just need a boost to get up and down the stairs.

Let’s Talk Cost
The cost of a stair lift is surprisingly low. In fact this simple device, which helps people stay in their own environment and home that they love, is a great value when compared to (often times) the alternative. The straight lift costs the equivalent of approximately 2-3 weeks in an assisted living facility, while a curved unit is equivalent to approximately one month in a long term care facility/nursing home.

Let’s Talk Space
A stair lift is non-invasive and takes up minimal space in a stairwell. The lift is installed with four small screws into approximately four of the stair treads. There is no wall-mounting required and often handrails can remain on both or at least one side of the stairwell. The lift only requires a standard outlet that is within fifteen of the top or bottom of the track and this does not have to be a dedicated circuit.

The lifts can work in narrow staircases accommodating stairwells as narrow as 26 inches wide, which make them a great option for historic homes. The track takes up an eight-inch width on one side and the chair itself takes up a twelve-inch width at the top or bottom of the stair when folded up and parked. Other members of the household can continue to walk up and down the stairs unimpeded. Doors can remain at the top of the stair lift which is very important if this is being used in a basement or garage.We can also install grab bars to assist users in getting up from the stair lift.

Let’s Talk Removal
What if there comes a time when you no longer need a lift in the home or if you are moving to a new home? What if you only need a lift for a short period of time? The unit can be rented and moved from one residence to another. It is easily removed and will leave no trace of being there, except for a bit of wood putty to fill in any remaining holes.

Let’s Talk Other Benefits
The stairlift is also a great tool for transporting heavy items up and down stairs: groceries, laundry, trash, books. If it is heavy and can be dangerous to bring downstairs the lift can do all the work. A stairlift can even work well on an exterior staircase where a ramp might not be an option due to space and rise. If the power goes out, you will have peace of mind knowing that the lift can provide thirty to fifty rides on the battery alone.The seat of the stair lift swivels atop the stairs, squaring up for an easy dismount.

Oakley Home Access offers free, no pressure home assessments for you, your loved ones, or clients. In addition to stair lifts, we can also look at the need for grab bars, wheelchair ramps, handrails, and other safety items. Contact us to schedule a meeting by calling 401-743-5895 or email Justin Oakley at