SuperPole: Helping to Prevent Falls

Oakley Home Access’s mission is to help older adults and those with mobility impairments age in place, increase accessibility, and prevent falls. Fall Prevention Week is a wonderful time to showcase one of our most commonly installed items, the SuperPole, a tool that can help prevent falls and increase stability. 

What Is The SuperPole?

The SuperPole is a mobility aid to help make transfers safer and easier. The SuperPole is designed to fit securely between the floor and ceiling using a pressurized system and can be placed practically anywhere in the home. Created by HealthCraft Group, a Canadian company,  this is a must-have product for fall prevention.

The SuperPole has accessories that can be added for increased safety, including handles, a trapeze bar for bed transfer and SuperBar accessory for transfers. These can be added depending on the clients mobility needs. The SuperBar especially is a good choice for people with limited or diminished grip strength such as those with Parkinson’s disease or with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The SuperPole also helps caregivers and healthcare workers by helping to prevent muscle strain during transfers.

Where Can the SuperPole Be Used?

The Superpole is a fantastic tool in many rooms of the house to increase accessibility and prevent falls. While our gold standard is a securely fastened grab bar, there are many areas of the home that do not have a wall for fastening into. This is where the Superpole shines with its ability to be securely mounted anywhere in the home by spanning between floor and ceiling.


The SuperPole can help the user move from a lying position to seated or standing. Because the SuperPole goes from floor to ceiling, it can also help wheelchair users transfer from the bed.


The SuperPole helps those needing assistance with using the toilet or transferring into and out of the tubs. 


The SuperPole can be installed near the dining table, sink, or counter areas. The Pole can allow for stability while standing and preparing meals and from rising from the dining room table.

Living Room

The SuperPole placed in a living room can help with rising and lowering from chairs and sofas. 

Additional Healthcraft Offerings

Aside from the SuperPole, Healthcraft offers a wide variety of products that we have successfully installed in our client’s homes. We are excited to continue exploring their products and offering them to our clients.

In scenarios where ceiling heights are too high, or vaulted ceilings prevent us from installing a SuperPole, the Advantage Rail is our go to solution. This surface mounted product gets secured to the subfloor and provides all of the benefits of a SuperPole, without the requirement of tensioning between the floor and ceiling.

Another commonly installed Healthcraft Product is the Angled PT Rail. This unique flip down style grab bar serves as a perfect railing for 1-3 steps. It’s design allows it to be flipped out of the way when not needed or to allow large objects through a doorway. The Angled PT Rail is a less intrusive and more cost effective solution for garage, breezeway, and entryway rooms which often have a couple of steps up Into the main living area.


Oakley Home Access will be happy to discuss how the SuperPole and other Healthcraft products can make a difference in your home or a loved one’s home. Contact us to find out more. We wish everyone a safe Fall Prevention Week!