Resources for Successful Aging: Rhode Island

In late June, Oakley Home Access was pleased to be a founding partner of a new Facebook Group, Resources for Successful Aging: Rhode Island (RSA:RI). Along with our co-founders, Home Care Assistance of RI, we have worked to assemble a variety of providers that will be a resource for caregivers who are members of the group. Whether they are spouses, siblings, friends, loved ones, or children of those who need help, our goal was to create a community that helped answer questions and provide support for those who care for others. We recognize that that role can be alienating and knowing others who can relate to your experiences is important.

In addition to providing education and support to our members, this will also be a place to share victories in a judgment -free space where drama or negativity is not tolerated. We call the group our safe space. Members’ privacy is always at the forefront and what happens in the group shall stay in the group.

With a variety of featured providers and experts in the field of Successful Aging, you can have your questions answered and get referrals for local businesses that offer the services you need. You won’t have to guess when it comes to finding trusted solutions. From elder law attorneys and home care agencies to home security system providers and senior citizen centers, we have many areas covered.

If you haven’t joined our group, we invite you to do so and we also welcome your referrals. Just sign in to your Facebook account and click here or search Resources for Successful Aging: Rhode Island. We have a small set of questions for you to answer before getting access to the private group and you will have the opportunity to join both the Oakley Home Access and Home Care Assistance of RI newsletters. We are also planning to add a group dedicated to Massachusetts resources in the coming months.