Prepare Now For Winter

One of the largest benefits to our aluminum modular ramp systems is the minimal maintenance required. With that in mind, there are certain preparations you can make to ensure optimal performance of your ramp during the winter months. All of our installations come with written and clear instructions for caring for your ramp! In todays blog we will discuss some of the recommendations we have so that you can utilize these final mild weathered weeks to prepare yourself and your ramp. 

Aluminum Ramp Preparation

Aluminum ramps are generally easy care and carefree with their lifetime warranty. No matter the season, we recommend keeping the ramp clean and free of debris at all times which is for your safety and the aesthetics of the ramp. Winter snow and ice, however, call for more specialized care.

  • Utilize PET SAFE ice melt on your ramp. Standard rock salt and ice will negatively affect the integrity of your ramp and will VOID the lifetime warranty. Cat litter can be added as an addition to pet safe ice melt to provide extra traction.
  • We recommend plastic edged shovels for heavy snow removal and followed by brooms to sweep lighter snow to avoid getting the shovels stuck on the ridges of the ramp surface.
  • Aluminum becomes very cold during winter months and it is important to protect your hands while touching the surface. Gloves can help keep your skin safe..
  • Visually inspect your ramp regularly. Your ramp is leveled with adjustable legs. During winter months the ground will freeze which could alter the position of the legs. Although it will be minimal and still safe to use, call Oakley Home Access if you believe the ramp needs adjustment.

Stairlifts and Vertical Platform Lift Preparation

Since we live in New England, blizzards and ice storms are a real concern. You might wonder how you leave or return home if there is a power outage. If you have one of our Stair Lifts or VPLs it will be reassuring to know that they can withstand power outages. 

Our vertical platform lifts hold enough charge to be used 25 times, which will allow you to leave your home several times if needed or to get back in if you are out when the power outage occurs. Our stairlifts, both indoor and outdoor, will run approximately 30 times on the battery alone.

For outdoor platform lifts, please clear snow and ice from the platform of the lift and advise anyone who is helping with snow removal to not pile snow in that area. Piled snow under the lift or on top of the lift may trigger one of the many safety features that are designed to keep you safe. In this instance, the obstacle will need to be cleared before the lift can be used again. 

For our snowbirds, and we know there is quite a flock of you that head to warmer climates during the winter, we are pleased to offer a service plan for stairlifts and vertical platform lifts. The Oakley Home Access team will shut down and winterize the equipment and then return in the springtime to have them ready for the season. This is an especially valuable service to help keep these items in good working order.

Oakley Home Access is here for you if you need more information or have other questions about winter safety. Our showroom at 322 S. Pier Rd Narragansett, RI is open Monday through Friday and we welcome you to stop by to see the adaptive equipment that we have on display.