Oakley Home Access: Working With Occupational and Physical Therapists

Oakley Home Access works closely with occupational and physical therapists to assist patients who have been discharged home.

Oakley Home Access’ primary differentiator with comparable companies is that we view this process as healthcare, not just construction or equipment installation. As healthcare professionals, we have developed strong relationships with many of our community partners who utilize us as a trusted referral. We frequently work with both Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists to ensure that when patients are discharged home, they will be able to live safely and comfortably. 


Justin Oakley, our co-owner, is a registered & licensed Occupational Therapist as well an Executive Certified Home Modification Provider. With his years of experience working as an OT in a skilled nursing facility, he mastered the art of how the human body interacts with the environment. This education and experience has helped Justin offer a fine-tuned understanding of mobility and what a person will need in their home environment to be safe. It is critical that each home assessment is tailored to the individual’s unique abilities and challenges. Justin’s background in occupational therapy created the framework for this company’s assessment strategy, and he has in turn trained our two in-house OT’s Dan and Alex on this unique method.


As an established home modification and aging in place specialist, Oakley Home Access is able to effectively offer a comprehensive plan to those returning from a rehab stay. These patients are often discharged with a care plan that includes continuing Occupational and Physical Therapy services.

Fall prevention is paramount to ensure a safe transition back in the home and we carefully assess a home and plan for the additions of grab bars, stair lifts, residential home lifts, or other equipment that will aid in mobility in the home. OTs and PTs appreciate this forethought as it helps them meet the goals of their patient care plans.


Another of the ways we grow our connections with health care providers is by providing educational events where we provide an overview of Oakley Home Access and our mission. We also review the products we install, common home modifications, and custom modifications that we can provide. 

Working with Oakley Home Access is a streamlined process. If an OT or PT believes their client would benefit from our services, a simple referral is all that is needed to schedule our Free Home Safety Assessments.  Our assessors provide a room by room home assessment and provide a professional personalized recommendation list based on discharge notes and the discharge care plan developed by OTs and PTs.

Our home assessment and modifications serve clients of all ages. This can range from children with special needs to the elderly striving to age-in-place. We offer adaptive equipment to assist with mobility throughout the entire home and provide home safety recommendations/tips that the client can implement themselves such as picking up rugs, decluttering, etc. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services and educational programs for your health care facility, contact us at 401.429.3882. We look forward to working with you as we strive to Maximize Mobility.