Oakley Home Access: Here For You Now & Always

Hello from the Oakley Home Access family. We hope this message finds you well and that you and your loved ones have been safe and healthy during this challenging time. We wanted to take this opportunity to let our Rhode Island & Massachusetts communities know that we continue to be available for all of you. While things are continually changing, our dedication to providing Free Home Safety Assessments and Home Modifications certainly have not.

As healthcare professionals, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of both our clients and our OHA staff. Our traditional free home safety assessments are being done with personal protective equipment (PPE) and everything that leaves the OHA safety center has been sterilized including vans, tools, and equipment. Any OHA valued employee who shows any signs or symptoms of being sick will be required to stay home. To limit our visits into the home, as needed, we are also offering virtual home safety assessments where our occupational therapists and CAPS certified staff can go through your home via FaceTime, Zoom or photos. This virtual visit will allow us to get all pertinent information and simply dispatch our technicians for a one visit install in even the most sensitive situations.  

To our healthcare resources and partners….Thank you. Thank you for your continued effort to battle COVID-19 and keep our community safe. Due to visitation restrictions we are unable to deliver you our usual cookie tray as a quarterly thank you for all that you do. Instead, please send us a message with how many therapists and social service staff you have and we will be happy to drop off a freshly sanitized care package of pens, tape measures, & OHA literature for each of your staff to make their daily routine in the rehab gym that much easier. Healthcare workers are the backbone of this fight and we cannot thank you enough! 

Despite the current state of the world, people are still falling, getting sick, and needing rehabilitation. We want all of our therapists, social service, and administrative colleagues to know that OHA is here to help. If your patients need a home safety assessment, home modifications, or adaptive equipment in order to get home, please utilize us as a resource and trust it will get done by the industry experts. Should any facilities like to get to know more about our services, please reach out for a lunchtime virtual in-service from one of our occupational therapists. 

We want to share with each of you a quote from the “Mother” of occupational therapy, Mary Reilly:

“Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health.”

During a time like this when you are nervous, confined to home, & without your daily routine, try to influence your own health…Take back control. Use your hands to engage in a meaningful activity that you haven’t done in a while. Energize your mind by getting lost in a good book or story. Motivate yourself to make a change you’ve been wanting to do for a while. There is so much more to health than just your body. Unfortunately, much of the outside world is out of our control right now, so we attempt to control what is going on in our own house, our own minds, and our own inner circle. This will help ensure that when the time comes, we will emerge from this pandemic as stronger people, a stronger community, and a stronger world. 

The OHA Family is here for Your Family.  Stay safe!