Oakley Home Access: Continuing Commitment to Safe Home Assessments and Installations

Our team at Oakley Home Access has been humbled by the feedback we have gotten from our community resource partners and our clients thanking us and praising our safety protocols during the pandemic. As always, we are here to let our Rhode Island & Massachusetts communities know that we continue to be available for all of you. Despite all of the changes and adaptations we’ve had to make in our everyday life, our dedication to providing Free Home Safety Assessments and Home Modifications remains stronger than ever.

As healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of both our clients and our OHA staff. Our traditional free home safety assessments are being done with personal protective equipment (PPE) and everything that leaves the OHA safety center has been sterilized including vans, tools, and equipment. Any OHA team member who shows any signs or symptoms of being sick is required to stay home. In addition, we continue to offer virtual home safety assessments where our occupational therapists and CAPS certified staff can go through your home via FaceTime, Zoom or photos. These virtual visits allow us to get all pertinent information and dispatch our technicians for a one visit install, minimizing potential exposure to both our staff and clients. This has been an exciting growth process that we intend to continue offering indefinitely.

Despite the continuing pandemic, we know that people are still falling, getting sick, and needing rehabilitation. We want all of our therapists, social service, and administrative colleagues to know that OHA is here to help. If your patient is in need of a home safety assessment, home modifications, or adaptive equipment in order to safely discharge home, please utilize us as a resource and trust it will get done by the industry experts. Should any facilities like to get to know more about our services, please reach out for a lunchtime virtual in-service from one of our occupational therapists.