Oakley Home Access: Complete Home Accessibility & Aging In Place Specialists

Oakley Home Access assists a wide array of clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts ranging from children with mobility impairments to older individuals who strive to age in place. Oakley Home Access provides a variety of home safety and accessibility equipment that provides minimally invasive solutions to maximize mobility in every room of the home. We understand that people have many questions about aging in place and home modifications that can be the most help in their unique situations.  During our Free Home Safety Assessment, we take note of each unique problem area of the home and review customized recommendations for the individual.

We now offer hundreds of products ranging from swing clear doorway hinges to overhead ceiling lifts and anything else you can imagine for maximizing mobility at home. We are forever adding products to offer the community and work closely with healthcare providers, always welcoming new ideas. 

Because the wide variety of equipment we offer can be overwhelming at first, we would like to highlight the three highest priorities when initially addressing aging in place: ACCESS IN & OUT, STAIRS INSIDE, and THE BATHROOM.


Aluminum Modular Ramp Systems

Aluminum modular ramp systems are a solution for barrier-free access to your home. These ramp systems are customizable to virtually any home and meet ADA requirements with a 1000 lb weight capacity.

Aluminum modular ramps can be customized with 2-8 foot straight sections and platforms for resting or turning over existing walkways and entrance steps. We can also add lengths of aluminum ramp if your needs change or a more gradual slope needed. In addition, there are several railing options. 

Because the majority of modular ramp systems can be installed by our certified technicians in one to three hours, they are great for unexpected (or even planned) discharges home from a hospital or rehab facility.

Vertical Platform Lifts

If a client has a mobility issue that requires the use of a wheelchair and space is limited, a vertical platform lift can mean accessibility to an otherwise inaccessible homes. Vertical platform lifts are typically installed outside or in a garage lagged into a concrete pad. The user rolls onto the platform, pushes a button, rises to the level of the entryway, and then simply rolls off.

An alternative to Ramp Systems when pushing/rolling up a ramp is not functionally possible and  when space is limited. An Interlock gate is installed that must be closed & locked for the lift to traverse making it incredibly safe to use.  



A stairlift can be the solution to allow you or a loved one to remain at home safely and more independently, especially when they have bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. Often times they become inaccessible due to difficulty climbing or FEAR of climbing the stairs. Laundry in the basement is another key reason for a stairlift. 

 Depending if you have a straight staircase, a curved staircase, a staircase with multiple landings, or walkways at the bottom, we have a stairlift that will suit you. During our Free Home Safety Assessment, we discuss clearly the options and make it all a very simple process. Handicare and Brooks Stairlifts continue to be our most commonly installed stairlifts. 

There are even OUTDOOR Models that can help with ACCESS into and out of the home when a VPL is not necessary and there is not enough space for a ramp system


Bathroom safety is paramount when planning to age in place and is the initial reason we created OHA. The bathroom is the area in which 80% of falls occur for the population of adults 65 years and older. Falls for the older adult commonly result in fractures and other injuries that affect their functional independence. Many dangerous aspects of the bathroom can be modified in a way which promotes independence, maximizes mobility, and reduces the risk of falling. Oakley Home Access has effective solutions to address each problem area and may include the installation of grab bars, removing glass show doors, referring non slip flooring services, a variety of mobile shower head options, and a variety of tub shower chairs and benches. 

This is merely an overview of the services and equipment that Oakley Home Access provides. For more information, be sure to contact us and schedule your free home safety assessment. Our showroom is located at 322 South Pier Road, Narragansett RI 02882.