Oakley Home Access: A Year In Review

As 2021 comes to a close, Oakley Home Access is proud of the work we have done in our communities this year. We continued to stay true to our mission of Maximizing Mobility and assisting our communities with Aging in Place. Our front office and outreach team continues to work closely with our community partners throughout the states of RI, MA, and CT. As always, we are dedicated to finding out clients’ funding sources to complete necessary home modifications. 

Expansion into CT: This year marked an exciting initial expansion into Connecticut for Oakley Home Access. We have recognized the need for our services and have begun to complete our outreach protocols with community partners. Currently we are focusing on Eastern CT as our targeted service area. If you are in this area or know healthcare providers in this area, we look forward to networking and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. 

MA Funding Partnerships: Some of our exciting partnerships in 2021 include becoming contracted providers with organizations such as the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Senior Care Inc, and several Elder Service Organizations. We share mutual goals in keeping individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities safely in their home, and finding all available funding sources to make their projects possible. 

MA Livable Home Modification Grant: Outside of partnering with existing organizations, we are working with our state representatives in Massachusetts to create new funding sources as well. Building off of the success of the RI Livable Home Modification Grant program, our office and MA State officials have been passionately advocating to develop a program in MA that mirrors the existing RI grant. These grant monies are an investment into Aging in Place at home for seniors and disabled populations that can save the State exponentially versus alternative living options. 

Highlighted Products: Part of our mission is to continually research, expand, and offer new and innovative products to our clients. Some of the highlighted items for this year include the “Step-2-Bed”. This unique product offers a solution for clients who have been having difficulty accessing their bed which may be too high. It is a sturdy, accessibility focused solution that replaces dangerous step stools and other unsafe techniques. Secondly we have been proudly offering and installing “Stiltz HomeLifts” in 2021 to clients throughout RI and CT. This minimally invasive home lift provides access to multiple levels of the home at an affordable price compared to traditional residential elevators.

Rep McEntee Citation: We were honored to be awarded a citation from RI State Representative Carol Hogan McEntee, House of District 33, in recognition of our entire deams’s “dedication to and adaptability to operate during a pandemic environment and for your innovation and commitment to providing services to a vulnerable population during an ever changing climate.” It is truly humbling for our team to be recognized for dedication in the community and we are proud of each of them. Our team’s dedication and passion for our mission is paramount to the success of our company and our clients. 

CEU Offerings: In the New Year we will be frequently offering opportunities for professionals to earn Continued Education Unit (CEU) credits through our virtual sessions. We recognize that many facilities are tightening restrictions again, and we think this format will help ensure that we can continue to educate in the community and our community partners can get their needed CEUs. If you are one of our referral partners, be sure to check your email to register for our first CEU session in January. 

Thank you to our clients and community partners for another successful year. We recognize that we are only one piece of the “healthcare puzzle” and through our relationships and collaboration with community partners, we can provide the best level of care to our clients. We look forward to working with you in 2022.

The Oakley Home Access Team