Lead Times & Operating Procedures at Oakley Home Access

Around the world, companies are experiencing unprecedented delays in their supply chains which are directly impacting the end user and consumers. Here at Oakley Home Access, these delays could directly impact our clients ability to safely discharge home, or prevent a fall at home. In order to mitigate this risk, we have always taken proactive steps to ensure that the materials and products we need are in stock, in our warehouse, and ready to be put out into the community. One of the most common questions we receive from clients via phone calls and email is: “How soon can you do it?” In this blog, we hope to provide insight into our general lead time & standard operating procedures. 

Our headquarters located at 322 South Pier Rd in Narragansett, RI is home not only to our interactive showroom, but also to our warehouse where our technicians are constantly inventorying and organizing our hundreds of products. At any given time we keep several hundred feet of our EZ Access Aluminum Modular Ramp systems in stock, so that it can be quickly distributed into the community as either a rental or purchase. The same is true for our inventory of straight stairlifts by Harmar, Brooks, and Handicare. Having these products in stock and ordered in abundance ensures that the global supply chain delays do not affect our end users and clients. 

While we make every effort to stock our ramps, stairlifts, and durable medical equipment, there are certain products that are required to be ordered as needed. These products such as Stiltz Home Lifts, curved stairlifts, and vertical platform lifts are each tailored to the client’s unique needs and environment. Currently, the lead time for these products from the day we receive a deposit is approximately 8-12 weeks. While we do have to wait for these products, our skilled assessors and occupational therapists can often make recommendations to maximize mobility for the client while we wait for the custom products to arrive. Some temporary solutions may include stairlift rentals, ramp rentals, or recommendations for one-floor living to help make the home accessible. 

Another element we can control here at Oakley Home Access is our own schedule. Owners Mike Vieira and Justin Oakley have always been passionate about expediting our services, and making the jobs of discharge planners easier. From the initial inquiry email or phone call to our office, one of our assessors can be in the house within 48 hrs. These assessors are licensed occupational therapists and certified aging in place specialists. Their expertise will ensure a tailored home assessment to the unique needs of your loved one or patient. 

A second element we can control is the speed that we complete our installs. Our general lead time for installs is approx 7-10 days. Should we begin to veer outside of that timeline, we begin the interview process for more skilled technicians. We have done this several times due to our growth and now operate daily with six technicians. While 7-10 days is a good baseline, we often are able to provide services even sooner for small and local jobs such as grab bars and durable medical equipment. One thing we always try to do is prioritize safe discharge and strive to have equipment in place before the client leaves the hospital or nursing facility. The best way to help us in our mission is to call us into the home as soon as possible, and begin the conversation about the discharge shortly after admission. 

Once our technicians arrive, the vast majority of our installs take a half day, approx 3-4 hours. This is true for most ramp systems, grab bars, stairlifts, and other durable medical equipment. Our technicians never leave the home without thorough training on all pieces of equipment and cleaning up the site. Some jobs may take a full day or additional days such as a Stiltz Home Lift (3-5 Days to completion), curved stairlifts (Full day) and vertical platform lifts (full day). 

Shipping and logistics will always be an issue we need to deal with in this business. However, we strive to take every effort and precaution to ensure that our logistical and supply chain issues are not something that gets passed onto the client. By being proactive and stocking our products we can still provide an expedited and efficient service to our clients. Additionally, we believe in full transparency and believe in setting realistic expectations to our clients for when things do lie outside of our control. 

If you have any questions on our process and lead times, please feel free to reach out to our office at 401-429-3882. We look forward to hearing from you!