Keeping Safe As We Enjoy The Summer Outdoors

As we transition to Summer and Covid 19 guidelines ease, more and more people will be heading outdoors to enjoy spending time with friends and family. This is a momentous step forward after the past year of staying home and minimizing contact. One of the things that has been noticed in the medical community is that older people may have not maintained an exercise routine or adequate activity level and might have some issues with balance or coordination as they venture out. 

Being proactive and taking care of problems before they cause injury is the best plan. Certainly family members and friends can help their older loved ones and Oakley Home Access is here to help with our Free Home Safety Assessment and if needed, to install grab bars, ramping system, or even a vertical platform lift for outdoor ease. 

Some areas to focus on for increased safety include:

  • Ensuring that shoes worn outdoors are supportive and comfortable. A non-slip, treaded sole is also an important feature for safe footwear. 
  • Having a pre-planned route which is even surfaced and clear of obstacles. 
  • If your loved one has balance issues, assist them with carrying packages or other items in the yard.
  • Ensure that railings on porches or decks are securely fastened. If they have begun to get rusted or loose, bring in a professional to assess them for repair or replacement.
  • Proper lighting helps to prevent falls. Walkways, porches, and doorways should have bright, unobstructed lighting.
  • Surfaces that are slippery when wet should have anti-slip treads applied to aid in traction. These areas can include decks and tiles. 
  • Reminding your loved ones to always carry their cell phone or to wear a device that can contact emergency personnel is also a great idea. 
  • If stairs are difficult to manage, a ramp might be the answer. Oakley Home Access can help if this is the solution that you choose. We also provide ramp rentals for short-term needs such as family or friends visiting. 
  • For wheelchair users, we can also install Vertical Platform Lifts to increase outdoor safety and mobility, These tools are perfect for use in smaller spaces where a ramp might not work. 

The team at Oakley Home Access is committed to helping our community have a wonderful and safe summer season, regardless of age or ability. Contact us today to access our services and start enjoying a safer home.