Introducing Barrier Free Showers

We recently announced that we now install Barrier Free Showers from Bestbath. Bestbath helps people live without barriers by offering easy access showers that are sleek, modern, and durable. Their barrier free showers are ADA, ANSI A, ANSI B, and California Title 24 compliant. With their 30-year warranty, homeowners will have peace of mind knowing that their accessible shower is both attractive and backed by the manufacturer.

What is a barrier free shower?

A barrier free shower, sometimes called a curbless shower, is a type of shower that does not have a raised edge or a step to climb over when entering or exiting. The shower floor is typically sloped towards a drain to prevent water from overflowing onto the bathroom floor. Barrier free showers from Bestbath come in a variety of styles and materials, and can be customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner.

Who would benefit from a barrier free shower?

A barrier free shower can be useful for a variety of people, including those with mobility limitations, disabilities, or injuries. It may also be helpful for elderly individuals who may have difficulty stepping over a traditional shower threshold. Additionally, a barrier-free shower can provide a sleek and modern look to any bathroom. This might be a great addition for homeowners who are thinking ahead for aging in place.

Since we opened, we have offered our clients tub cuts and convertible tub cuts. These modifications might be an appropriate alternative choice for those not wanting or needing a barrier free shower. 

What are tub cuts?

A tub cut shower refers to the process of converting a traditional bathtub into a walk-in shower. This is done by cutting out a section of the tub wall and creating a lower threshold, allowing for easier and safer access to the shower area.

Bathroom in Showroom.

Who would benefit from a tub cut?

The tub cut reduces the overall height of the tub wall for a shower transfer creating a more manageable step for clients who have difficulty with stepping into the shower.  This modification is often done for those with mobility issues or seniors who may have difficulty stepping over the high sides of a bathtub. Tub cut showers can also be a more affordable alternative to a full bathroom remodel. We can create a tub-cut in 2-3 hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional demolition and remodel.

Our showroom is the perfect place to learn more about tub cuts and barrier free showers. Call us or stop in to visit. The model shower is a fantastic tool to simulate use of the adaptive equipment, as well as to help measure appropriate heights and locations for specific clients.