Improving Your Balance to Avoid Falls

A seated man performs exercises to help with balance.

One of our passions here at Oakley Home Access includes educating the community about how home safety begins with proper planning and the right tools. We are often asked about improving balance and other ways to help prevent falls. 

Exercise and Health Tips To Improve Balance

Improving balance is an important aspect of maintaining physical health, especially as we age. Below are three ways in which people can improve their balance. As always It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen to ensure safety and effectiveness.

  1. Practicing balance exercises such as standing on one foot or walking heel to toe. These exercises help to strengthen the muscles and improve coordination. 
  2. Incorporating activities such as yoga or tai chi into a workout routine. These practices focus on balance and can help to improve overall body awareness and control. 
  3. Maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated can also contribute to better balance by reducing the risk of dizziness or lightheadedness. 

Home Modifications and Tools to Help With Balance

Ramps and stairlifts are some of our most popular home modifications that help people age in place and prevent falls. In addition there we are also the distributors of Stiltz Home Lifts and offer Bestbath Roll In Showers

In addition to these ‘in home’ items, there are smaller and more portable tools available which can help in the home and while you are out doing errands in the community. 

These tools will fit into most budgets, are easy to use, and assist in fall prevention and aging in place! Here are just a few of the products we recommend to assist with balance. 


The Handibar is a small, red grip tool to help people who need extra support when they get in and out of cars.

The Handibar is a small tool that helps with car entry and exit. It can be carried or stored in the door, a purse, or in the center console or glove box. The Handibar works by giving users a stable, graspable surface to push up from when exiting a car. It can also assist by providing stability while entering the vehicle. The design is universal and fits easily into the door latch which exists on every car. It is designed to not damage your vehicle as door latches are engineered to hold 2500 lb of vertical force. Using the Handibar helps users avoid the unsafe practice of pushing up from the soft seats, grabbing the unstable door or the door frame.

Security Pole by Stander

The Security Pole is a portable piece of equipment to help people with balance problems rise from a seated position or be seated safely.

Grab bars will always be the gold standard. However, they are limited in that they utilize a wall to securely mount into. For locations without a wall nearby such as a couch, bed, toilet, or sunken living room, a Security Pole by Stander is an amazing option. The Security Pole utilizes the strength of the ceiling and the floor to put a grab bar WHEREVER it is needed. It also does not require any drilling (optional) or mess, and can be relocated anywhere in the house where you have a flat ceiling between 7 and 10 feet high

Rolling Walkers

Rolling walkers help people with balance issues safely walk through their homes or in the community.

Many of our clients ambulate independently within the home without the use of a cane or walker. For longer distances, however, a rolling walker is a great solution to assist with balance. They are often lightweight, have a high weight capacity, and can fold up quickly to put into the car. Fear of falling should not limit your quality of life and community engagement! With the help of this tool you or your loved ones can feel secure when traveling in the community OR in your home. 

Grab Bars

Grab bars are essential items to have in the bathroom and other areas of increased fall risk.

Showers and bathrooms are the most common area in the home to fall for people of all ages. We offer grab bars to match any decor and guarantee that they will be in the perfect location for you when assessed by our Occupational Therapists and Certified Aging in Place Specialists. We also guarantee they will be secure, watertight, and mess-free when installed by our extremely talented technicians!  

We invite you to schedule a Free Home Safety Assessment to see how we can help to solve all of your balance needs with our knowledge, tools, and modifications. Don’t let fear of falling stop you from engaging in meaningful activities within the home and within the community!