Custom Aluminum Ramps from Oakley Home Access

Aluminum modular ramps are one of the most frequently assessed for and installed options that Oakley Home Access offers. Using the modular ramp system, our assessors and technicians can ensure that you have a custom fit ramp option that accommodates your home. Additionally, our assessors will ensure that the ramp is an appropriate functional option for your specific mobility needs, and the needs of those living in the home. Ramp systems can be as short, or as long as is needed to fit your unique environment and situation. As a general rule of thumb, the higher your home sits off the ground, the longer your required ramp will be. 

Commercial Buildings

Given the age of many of RI, MA, and CT’s real estate, it is very common for commercial buildings to not have wheelchair accessible entry/exits. These buildings that were constructed in the early to mid 1900’s pre-date the Americans with Disabilities Act, and are often not required to have wheelchair access. Our aluminum modular ramps can be ordered to accommodate all state and local codes for ramping, and allow business owners to provide access to all populations. Providing wheelchair access to your clients and customers will help to increase business revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and prevent falls/accidents at your business. 

Landscaping Placement

One of the common concerns our assessors run into during evaluations is how the ramp will look in the yard. Our clients have often invested significant time and money into their yards and landscaping, and want a minimally invasive option. Using our modular sections, we can redirect ramps to land on existing patios/driveways, and also can avoid sentimental shrubs or trees. Very rarely do our systems require removal of landscaping, and if they do, it is often because we are trying to achieve the most affordable and functional ramp design possible. 

 Ramps As A Bridge

Some environments are constructed as such that the start point and end point are on fairly similar levels. However, navigating between those points requires going up and down stairs, or perhaps over uneven surfaces. Our ramp systems can also function as a sort of “bridge” between those two points. This can be a simple solution to an issue that would have otherwise cost exorbitant amounts of money in landscaping. 

Ramp Platforms For Multiple Doors 

While one form of egress is paramount, having multiple points of accessible egress is preferred in case of emergency. When possible, we often can utilize multiple platforms to make a single continuous ramp which provides access to and from different locations of the home. Ramping when done this way is often much more affordable than having two or three separate ramps constructed. 

Save Space In A  Garage

Garages are a common area for our ramp systems, especially in condo associations where ramping on the exterior of the building may not be allowed. Our assessors will make every effort to design ramping in a fashion that a car will still be able to fit alongside the ramping. This may not always be possible depending on the setup. Other benefits to garage ramps include that the user is completely removed from the elements when navigating the ramp, providing extra security. 

A Custom Aluminum Ramp Can Be Temporary

One of the biggest benefits to our ramp systems is how quickly they can be installed…AND REMOVED. For our clients who rent or perhaps relocate, an aluminum modular ramp can be removed as if it was never there, and then rebuilt to suit a new living environment. Sometimes it may be necessary to add or remove sections, but the ramp you already own serves as a great starting point. Alternatively, wooden ramps are permanent and may not necessarily add any value to the property during a sale. 

Rentals are also possible with our systems! For our clients who have temporary injuries or mobility impairments, we are able to rent a ramp system for as little as 1 month! This allows them to rehab at home, and then when ready they can call us to schedule a removal. This is an affordable alternative to either not returning home, or to unsafely being carried up the stairs. We keep these ramps stocked and ready to go! 

To learn more about aluminum ramps, our rental program, or to schedule a Free Home Safety Assessment, please contact us at 401-429-3882