A Closer Look at Tub Cuts and Roll In Showers

Since the introduction of Bestbath Barrier Free Showers to our product and service catalog, we have had the opportunity to compare and contrast these two popular options for bathroom modifications with our clients. It is always our goal to provide complete information so that the best decision can be made based on budgetary needs, accessibility needs, and personal preferences. The Oakley Home Access Free Home Safety Assessment is the place we start to offer suggestions to maximize mobility and meet the goal of aging in place.

Let’s take a look at the comparison between these two choices.

A tub cut as part of a bathroom modification that is an alternative to a rollin shower.

Tub Cuts

We have offered CleanCut Tub Cuts since our founding. Tub cuts are a modification made to an existing bathtub that lowers the side, making it easier to step into the tub. 

One advantage of tub cuts is that they are more cost-effective than installing a new roll-in shower. Additionally, tub cuts are an excellent option for those who still want to use their bathtub for soaking or for homes with small children who need to take a bath. This is achieved using a “convertible” tub cut, which has an insert to return tub functionality to the shower. However, tub cuts may not be suitable for those with more severe mobility issues and those who require wheelchair accessibility.

The ideal home for a tub cut is one where all users can step over the cut’s curb area, this generally averages between 6-8 inches. When there continues to be some level of difficulty with the transfer, we often recommend to use a tub transfer bench in conjunction with the tub cut. 

A barrier free or roll in shower is shown in this photo as we take a closer look at the tub cut and barrier free shower.

Roll In/Barrier Free Showers

Roll-in showers, on the other hand, are barrier-free showers that allow for easy access without any obstacles. They are a great option for those with mobility issues as they are completely barrier-free, making them easy to enter and exit for those with a wheelchair or walker.  

The biggest advantage with a barrier free shower is that the threshold is eliminated completely so there is no need to step over anything in order to bathe. Wheelchair users can easily roll into the shower stall and then, if needed,  transfer to a shower bench or  shower chair. The barrier free shower is the more versatile of these two options as it  can be used by anyone, regardless of physical ability.

And for those wanting a particular aesthetic, roll-in showers also offer a modern and sleek look to a bathroom remodel. There are a variety of options for wall textures and appearance. 

Ultimately, the decision between tub cuts and roll-in showers will depend on individual needs and preferences. Oakley Home Access is here to help you make an informed decision, discuss funding options, and provide the finished bathroom modification to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started.