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RI Livable Home Modification Grant Application Process

The RI Livable Home Modification Grant reimburses 50% of the cost of modifying homes, up to a total of $5000.  Home modification can enable homeowners or renters with disabilities or mobility issues to remain in their own homes safely and avoid relocation to costly long-term care facilities. Eligibility requirements are very generous; they are spelled out in the…

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Safety and Convenience: Tub Transfer Bench

One of the simplest tools that we offer to greatly increase bath safety is the tub transfer bench. This tool improves access to a tub or shower without making permanent changes to a bathroom while significantly reducing fall risk. One of the most dangerous transfer an individual performs in a day is getting into and out of…

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Accessibility Solution: Vertical Platform Lift

For those with mobility issues that require the use of a wheelchair, the installation of a vertical platform lift can mean accessibility to otherwise inaccessible homes. These types of lifts are usually installed outside or in a garage. The user can simply roll onto the platform, push a button, rise to the level of the…

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